A CFA Study Intro

This post is for those of you who have freshly made the decision to attempt the CFA examination. It is a few words of encouragement and advice to enhance your chances of passing on the CFA exam.

Firstly I want to put these CFA courses in front of you. I really see them as the best choices that are available at this moment in time, for this examination. So you must go get one of those courses – it is a priority for sure. Until you have a course, you have no other priorities because a course like that is the very thing that you gain all your exam information from.

With a course at the ready, you can then begin your prep program. It is optimal to have several months of time to use for studying, but you can get away with less if necessary. But as I said I think you really need a few months, because of course you have a busy life and therefore you cannot just study all day every day.

Try to get a couple of hours of study time in on a daily basis. I think most people can fit in a couple of hours – even if those hours are not all in one go. And if you do all that then you will be golden for the exam!


Prepare with Gleim CIA Review

The CIA designation is a result of portraying your competence and understanding of all things related to internal auditing.

Preparing for this designation takes time, discipline and lots of hard work. It also takes assistance, which is why you should check out  Gleim CIA Review.

The Gleim CIA test prep is a study review program that offers you valuable prep skills and study tips.

The Gleim program offers an extensive test bank with over 3000 multiple choice practice questions and is aligned with the exam syllabus so you don’t have to waste your precious time studying for subjects that won’t be on the exam.

This review course was written by experts in the field so you are getting only the best information.

From review books and audio downloads to online reviews and practice exams, you won’t be going shorthanded. Click here to find out more about Gleim.

Becoming a CIA is a worthy investment in your future career. If you are looking for a slightly more affordable review course that will give you the same quality then you should definitely check out Fast Forward Academy’s CIA course. You will receive thousands of practice problems with their course as well and also have the benefit of using their advanced software and customized tests.


Why You Should Choose Fast Forward Academy’s EA Review

Are you interested in taking the the Enrolled Agent Exam, but not sure where you be starting?

Most people realize they need a review program, but aren’t sure which one will be the best.

The Fast Forward Academy is a leader in EA exam prep and one of the top choices out there. The Fast Forward Academy Enrolled Agent review comes with a book that covers all 3 sections featured in the exam.

The design of this course is great because it gives you the most information with the least amount of time required. Not only that, but you will get help from Enrolled Agents, CPAs, Tax Attorneys, and former IRS employees.

Students who study with this program have had an average pass rate of 80% on their very first try.

With this program you will have access to online test banks to take practice tests. The test banks inform you if your answers are right or wrong so you can see your level of knowledge immediately after you answer the question. This helps you gauge how much more preparation you will need.

If you are interested in finding out more about this review program, check out the following link: http://crushtheeaexam.com/fast-forward-academy-ea-review/

Here is a brief overview of some of fast forwards features:

Learn About EA Courses

Do you fancy yourself  sort of tax whiz? Perhaps becoming an Enrolled Agent (EA) is more for you then.

Enrolled Agents are individuals who represent taxpayers before any office of the IRS. As an EA, you have the ability to negotiate with the IRS during examinations and appeals and act on the behalf of a taxpayer.

Unlike CPA’s, enrolled agents hold federal licenses and are considered tax specialists.

There is a growing need for EA representation, which means your future career will be in high demand. In this crazy economy, you will have a recession-proof career.

Of course, there is a catch. Before you become an EA, you must pass the EA exam. This means you will have to register for one of the enrolled agent courses.

Similar to the CPA review courses, you have several options to choose from. To read more about the EA exam and the review courses available, check out this link: http://crushtheeaexam.com/enrolled-agent-courses/.

Check out this EA review course from Fast Forward Academy:

Which Review Course Is Best For You?

You know that you need a high quality review course to help you pass your CPA exam on the first try, but which one should you choose?

With so many good options out there, choosing the right one for you is difficult. There are a few things you will want to take into consideration when it comes to deciding which CPA review course is best for you.

To begin with, you will want a course that reflects your personal learning method. For example, the CPA Excel Review program is one that focuses on self-study.

If self-study isn’t for you, perhaps require a more dynamic and interactive learning method, the best CPA review course for you might be the Roger CPA Review course, which you can read more about here: http://crushthecpaexam.com/cpa-review-courses/roger-cpa-review/.

This course is full of engaging lectures, 4000 multiple choice practice questions and task-based simulations. It is available for a 12 month period of time, but you are able to purchase 6 additional months of access for $500 per section.

Once you make a decision, you want to take a look at pricing. Each review course is priced differently. Course prices typically range between $890-1,800.

All I suggest is, before you buy; check it out!

Prep for the DAT with a Study Schedule

If you have your hopes set on becoming a dentist then you better be sure to study.

Besides completing school with competitive grades, you have to prepare for the dental admission test, or DAT as it is often called. Most people choose to prepare with Kaplan’s DAT course because it is the most thorough and comprehensive course available.

While the DAT has no actual pass or fail grading, you are required to complete it as part of your dental school application process. Preparing for this exam and doing well on it may very well determine whether or not you are accepted into your first choice school.

Kaplan’s biggest competitor is Chad’s Videos which is a series of lectures taught by successful DAT candidate.  To get more information on these please click here.

To prepare properly you should set up a dat study schedule. A schedule will help keep you on track and make you accountable for learning the necessary material. Having a schedule may make you realize how much time you will need to invest in studying to ensure good results.

Some people may try and wing the exam, but you have a lot of subjects to cover. You should be reviewing everything from Biology and Chemistry to Quantitative Reasoning and Perceptual Ability.

Check out this video to find some useful DAT Tips:

How Much Does A Certified Internal Auditor Make?

If your career is at a stand still and you need a little something extra to push you towards that raise, why not become certified internal auditor (CIA)?

CIA’s are responsible for planning and executing audits for companies, checking expenditures and making sure all the numbers add up properly.

To become a CIA you must first pass the exam. There are a few CIA exam fees you will want to take into consideration. After all, nothing is free these days.

Once you pass the exam and become certified, you are considered certified anywhere in the world.  When you first start out your salary will be lower than a mid-level, senior or audit manager.

To give you an idea, the certified internal auditor salary ranges from $49,500-$101,000 depending on how long you have been practicing.

What’s great about these numbers is you have lots of room for growth.

As far as average yearly salaries go, the mean salary for a CIA is approximately $2,000 more than that of a CPA. So what are you waiting for?

To reach this position you will first need to study and pass CIA exam using one of the best CIA review courses on the market.  Click here for a list of them. The most affordable one of good quality is the ExamMatrix CIA review course which you can learn all about here, http://crushtheciaexam.com/exammatrix-cia-review.

CPA Discounts and Promo Codes

There are CPA review course discounts and you do not want to miss out on cashing in on this sale. And seriously, who doesn’t love a good discount or promotion?

We know how difficult it can be to choose a CPA review course that fits your lifestyle and learning style. This doesn’t even take into account the course that fits into your budget.

When you purchase your CPA review program through us, you can use promo codes for 5 of the most popular CPA review courses on the market today.

There is a Roger CPA promo code, Yaeger CPA code, Wiley CPAexcel promo code, Gleim code, Fast Forward Academy coupon codes and more.

Some of the discounts offer a certain percentage off the price, while others give you ie. $200 off. Other discounts are more like bonuses because you get additional material to go along with your review course.

Finding a course that is right for you is invaluable to your success. Here, we’re just trying to make it a little more affordable!

Check out all the promo’s and discounts by clicking here:

Crush the CPA Exam Discounts


Becker Review: The Industry Standard

We’ve reviewed a few of the exam prep courses already, but we have yet to touch on the one that is considered the industry standard. This would be the Becker CPA review.

The Becker CPA review course is considered the industry standard and is endorsed by the Big 4. There are 3 course formats you can choose from. These include self study, online or live classes. They are one of the only courses to offer live classes; typically this is not offered at all.

Beckers CPA review contains a lot of great material. There are lecture notes, multiple choice questions for practice, software programs and even more. This incredible wealth of information may be why the Becker CPA review costs so much.

Another reason may be because they are constantly updating the course to reflect industry changes. It also has a conveniently structured format so you can build a routine around your studies. Read more about that on www.crushthecpaexam.com/cpa-review-courses/becker-cpa-review/.

A few of the negative aspects of the Becker program include it’s price. This course costs $3,360. Not exactly affordable for students or those living on a tight budget.

Another con is that the live classes are below par sometimes. Often times, the professor doesn’t actually teach anything of value.

Though this course is very popular, it may not be for you. Keep your mind open when choosing a course and pick the one right for you.

A good comparison to check out is Yaeger vs Becker which compares the two CPA review courses side by side so you see which features best match your needs.

Prep for the EA Exam with Gleim

If you are interested in furthering your accounting career, why not consider becoming an IRS enrolled agent?

An IRS enrolled agent is considered a tax specialist. They can work in the public or private sector, preparing and reviewing tax invoices, as well as represent you during an IRS audit.

It’s a lot of number crunching, but if that’s your thing then you are going to want to start preparing to write the EA exam.

Unlike most other professional exams or certifications, there are no educational requirements that need to be fulfilled to sit for this exam. You can simply study your hardest, enroll, write and then begin your career as an enrolled agent.

To help you review, you should check out the Gleim EA test prep course. It offers you Gleim’s renowned study system. During prep tests you will receive explanations for wrongly answered questions so you can better your understanding of the material. For more information on the Gleim EA review course, check out the following link: http://crushtheeaexam.com/gleim-ea-review/.

Another more affordable option for the EA exam is to get the Exam Matrix EA course which includes thousands of practice problems to help you prepare better.